Trust DOGS: The Best Babysitters Around

Our fur-babies without a doubt are part of the family, so much so that when a child is added to the family, even the dog can be protective of them.

This can be very helpful when both parents are away at work. The family dog is still at home and can keep a watchful eye over our precious children, especially left in the hands of a child abuser.

GSD and a baby WhnRnCWhen it comes to watching your baby, anyone would do the proper due diligence and look for a babysitter who was kind, responsible and smart. However, even after several rounds of background checks and references, can you be 100 percent sure the babysitter you hire will act same behind your back as they do in your presence?

There are several instances that have surfaced in the news that suggest that dogs can be your best and reliable friend when you leave your baby in the hands of a babysitter. Let’s look at one of the stories that recently made headlines.

Alexis’ Sickening Story

When Benjamin and Hope Jordan were looking into hiring 22-year-old Alexis Khan as a babysitter, they ran a background check to make sure their little baby will be in good hands. The background check came back clean.

However, after a few months of hiring Khan, things started to turn suspicious. Benjamin’s family dog started to become extra protective every time babysitter Khan would show up. Not only that, their dog’s attitude towards Khan had changed dramatically. She would get very aggressive towards her. On a few occasions, Benjamin had to physically restrain her dog from going after Khan. It was evident there was something going on behind Benjamin’s back that was making her dog act in this manner.

Real Dog Signals Saved Their Baby

Unable to comprehend the strange behavior of their canine family member, Benjamin devised a plan to find out what is happening while she was away, which may have caused her dog to behave in such a manner towards Khan.

d44eb87209964607b5ba215caea60fb2_PjU3H6Benjamin decided to do some sleuthing to find out exactly what was going on and when she did, she was heartbroken, devastated and angry. She placed her phone in the couch to record what was happening after they left. What they discovered, they had never realized even in their wildest dreams. The phone recorded slapping noise followed by the immediate crying from the baby that would change from a distress cry to a painful cry.

Knowing she had handed her child to a monster for about five months, it made Benjamin really sad. Khan was arrested on charges of child abuse and was sentenced for 1-3 years in prison. Also upon release, Khan will be placed on the child abuse registry and will not be allowed to work with children ever again.

Doggy Hero

Benjamin and her husband Jordan are thankful to their dog for alerting them and saving their child, Finn, from more and possibly even worse abuse.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they even come with four paws.

Check out the video below. Would you agree that dogs make the best babysitters?

Reader – Is your dog protective of a baby/kid in the family?  Tell us your story below.


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