Super Hero Service Dog Saves Blind Owner from House Fire

Service dog, Yolanda, has received worthy recognition for her heroic act of saving her blind owner from a house fire in Philadephia by calling 911.

Colon, Yolanda’s owner, woke up to the smell of smoke. With only a little time to react before succumbing to the choking gas, she yelled out “danger” – a word Yolanda is trained to respond to in emergencies like this. Yolanda immediately sprang to action and pressed the emergency call button on the specialized phone, connecting to the 911 operator. Amazingly, Yolanda then pulled her owner out of the house saving her from the flames. Firefighters rushed to the scene and saved the 60-year-old women.

d89a4b1bf911423db020081ff2926ba4_VM2OM7Yolanda has made a ‘super-hero’ name for herself in the community. 

The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team dropped off food and toys for Yolanda while her owner was going through lung treatments from the smoke inhalation.

Not the first rescue for Yolanda…

Last year, she also called 911 to alert medical responders that her blind owner had fallen and was unconscious.

It doesn’t stop there. In 2013, the infamous Yolanda began growling when she heard some men talking downstairs while her owner was asleep. The smart pup closed the door and chased the burglars out of the home. Yolanda’s owner awoke from all the growling and called the police.

Priceless Service Dogs

These examples show how beneficial service dogs can be in emergency situations. If Yolanda was not trained, they both may have been trapped in the fire.

Of course, this is not the first time a pet has save their owner, but this shows how valuable service dogs can be for people with disabilities ranging from physical to mental and emotional limitations.

Yolanda is not just a pet, service dogs are recognized by the Title III of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990 as working animals.

Reader – Do you know of anyone who has a service dog? Share how they have made an impact on their owner’s life.