Incredible: Viral Reaction After Dog Recieves Cancer Results

The Famous Golden Retriever Reaction Gone Viral

You may have seen the Gold Retriever, Lily, featured in the recent headlines showcasing her exciting reaction after finding out she does not have cancer anymore. Shockingly, every year almost half of all Golden Retrievers die from this cancer.

Lily’s Cancer Story

The story began when Lily’s owners found her sick overnight. Without wasting any time, they rushed to the vet only to find that their beautiful Lily had a tumor on her spleen, popularly known as hemangiosarcoma.

The vets broke the sad news that their loving pooch only had a couple hours to live if they didn’t do surgery immediately. They further explained that even with surgery, Lily had a 10% survival chance and even with a successful surgery she would only have a few more months to live. The vet taking care of Lily said in his 25 years of practicing vet medicine, he has actually never seen this type of tumor be benign.

6c771c9901e8471fba25437a14ee50f0_zjF6IGDani and her husband, the owners of Lily, refused to give up and decided to take a leap of faith. They dipped into their savings account to have the surgery done, hoping for a miracle.

Post Surgery Outcome

After the removal of the 6-pound tumor, Lily started feeling better immediately after surgery. The vets sincerely told Dani and her husband to enjoy these last days with their fur-baby. Soon to find out if their Lily will be one of the 10% of survivors, the dog lovers were praying their decision to do surgery would be life-changing.

The next week passed quickly and the results came back…

In the 25 years of the vet’s career, he has never seen an outcome like Lily’s. It was a miracle!

In this heart-touching moment Dani says to her dog Lily, “You don’t have cancer! You are the first ever case in 25 years”.

It was a truly remarkable moment caught on video, which has gone viral on YouTube.

Watch Lily’s cheerful reaction here:

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(H/T) They Caught Their Dog’s Reaction After Getting Her Incredible Cancer Free Results!