Heartwrenching: Dogs To Be Euthenized – How One Photo Changed Their Lives

Caution: Prepare your dog-loving-heart!

A Helpful Hug: Kala & Keira Just hours before these innocent pooches were scheduled to be killed, the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue organization in northern Georgia posted a heartbreaking photo of Kala and Keira hugging behind bars in the shelter.This the heartwarming picture went viral on Facebook, causing a public uproar on social media outlets.
Along with the image, the caption included a message that could bring any animal lover to tears.

I’m Kala. This is Keira. We’re so scared in here. The people working in the shelters see how scared we are, but just told each other that today is our deadline. We have to have someone rescue us or we’ll be “next.” Keira is black and not a “real boxer,” just a mix. She’s so brave and tells me it will be okay no matter what happens. She tells me to be brave too, but I don’t know if I can be. Can you see our faces? Keira knows what will happen. You can see it in her eyes. She’s putting on a brave face for sure, but I can feel her heart beating fast while I’m clinging to her. If no one saves us, someone will take her away from me. I’ll see her as she goes down the hallway. She won’t come back, and I’ll cry. They’ll come for me next, and I won’t be as brave. We’ve comforted each other while we were here. She gave me hope when I had none. Now it’s over.

The post was shared thousands of times, and in just two hours and 6 minutes, the dogs were rescued and taken to a vet. Kudos to this amazing community of animal lovers!

Call To ACTION – In an update posted to the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Facebook page, the two pups are safe, but are in a foster home and still looking for an owner to adopt them permanently.

For the Reader – To adopt Kala or Keira go to www.angelsrescue.org/adopt


Image: Malena Evans, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue