Facebook Unites Lost New Zealand Dog With Owner

“HEY Bro, do you know me??” was the Facebook post that went viral as the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home shared on social media in efforts to reunite the dog named Baloo with his owners. Baloo was found alone in suburban Sydney.

Though the dog was microchipped, there wasn’t any record about Baloo in any Australian database. A quick check of the collar revealed a tag that lead Claire Garth and the team at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to Hastings District Council.

The reason it wasn’t in the Australian database was because the dog was from New Zealand!

No one had any clue how Baloo, a New Zealand Huntaway, ended up across the ocean in suburban Sydney. Baloo was found running amok in Hurstville Australia when he was spotted by Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, who called up Hastings council and found out that Baloo’s registration had just been paid in June. Therefore, somewhere between June and now, Baloo had “paddled” across the Tasman Sea. Highly puzzled how Baloo managed to do that, the team at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home turned to Facebook in an attempt to find Baloo’s owners. The team had earlier tried calling the phone number and sending out emails, but since the efforts were futile, they decided to try Facebook.

The Facebook post was viewed by over 100,000 people and it read “”Hey Bro, do you know me?? My name is Baloo and I’m a long way from home, bro.  I come from a residence in Hastings, New Zealand! Yep! Nuu Zeland.  I just came down under for the Bledisloe and sum Fush & Chups, but now I’m lost az bro! ” #LostAzBro

Help us get Baloo home!

We know he has come from Hastings in NZ, with his rego in NZ having just been paid in June.. So he hasn’t been in Oz for long!
This boy is a NZ Huntaway.. Not a very common breed in Australia, so we’re hoping if we spread this photo around his owners will be found!

C’mon Sydney – help a brother out!.

With over 1,000 shares on Facebook, the dog was happily reunited with his owners!

It turns out the Baloo boarded a separate Qantas flight in Wellington when his owners, Sapphire Neho and her aunt April Neho relocated to Sydney. Unfortunately only after arriving a week later in Sydney, Baloo escaped from his new home and went missing. Ms Garth was quite ecstatic after the family was reunited with Baloo. Ms Neho thanked everyone on Facebook who had helped Baloo get back home.

Ms Neho was all in tears as she explained how busy and desperate she was looking for him that she didn’t even bothered to check her facebook. She said she ran around looking for him like a goose. She said, “If I was clever, the first place I would have looked is on social media and my bloody emails.”

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(H/T) ‘Hey bro, do you know me?’ Stray dog picked up in Sydney actually from Hastings