Dog Obesity: America’s Flawed Perception

A Healthy Weight For A Healthy Dog 

Just like we humans, 6-year-old bull terrier, Basurman, put on a few pounds as middle age began, said John Przybys, Basurman’s owner. Przybys put Basurman on a diet about a year ago, which worked out pretty good. Basurman lost 25 pounds and has been even successful in maintaining that weight loss. Przybys enthusiastically exclaimed how Basurman deserves a healthy treat for this, but he also carefully maintains that the treat will be a low-fat, reduced-calorie doggie biscuit, or something nutritionally sound.

Your Dog Is NOT Too Skinny: American’s Also Over Feed Their Dogs

If you think it’s only human beings who are suffering from the global obesity epidemic, there are reports suggesting more than 40 percent of Americans’ pet dogs and cats suffer from obesity. Ironically Dr. Travis McDermott, a veterinarian from Durango Animal Hospital said one of the biggest issues she has been observing is the perception people have about their pets. Dr. McDermott said people would often approach him and say they are worried that their dog is too skinny, even though their dog is actually an ideal weight.

Dog Weight

It’s not tough to add a few extra pounds to our pets, especially considering the fact that most of us treat food like love. As a result when our pets are looking cute and wanting affection, we give them something to eat.

Dr. McDermott also said that many of us treat our pets like humans and end up sharing our food with them, which may not be exactly healthy for them. According to Wagner, we never really think of adjusting our pet’s feeding routines to their real lives. He said these dogs aren’t herding sheep. They are living sedentary lifestyle and getting to eat too much.

Dietary changes for pet obesity typically begin with eliminating table scraps and other human foods. You can feed your pets with specialized formulated food to meet their specific nutritional needs.

According to Dr. Nichole Wagne, a veterinarian from Mountain Vista Animal Hospital said what people see is fluffy and round, is actually pretty fat. If your dog is not obese, you should be able to palpate your dog’s rib. They should look more like an hourglass from the top.

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