Brazen Confession: Women Rids DOGs After They Stop Being Cute Puppies

Shona Sibary, a woman who believes dogs are “short-term,” made a brazen confession through her article on DailyMail. In the past four years, Sibary has gotten rid of four dogs. In fact in a sensational revelation she claimed she has paid for 100s of new puppies, and again, she got rid of them as soon as they grew old. It isn’t very clear if this strange addiction causes later issues for the dog who was refused by its owner, some psychologist debate.

“Of course, we all know the appeal of puppies over older dogs, but I think my condition is different. I’m a serial dogamist.”

Sibary expressed through her post that she has finally made the heartbreaking decision to give away her lovely dog Juno, a beautiful husky cross with blue eyes and a penchant for leaping 6 ft. fences. Sibary seemed to be pretty content with the fact that Juno is going to someone who will hopefully give Juno a better home than she did. On a more positive outlook, the couple who have come to take Juno seemed to be very ecstatic. In their eyes, they were getting a house trained dog for nearly nothing – that would have otherwise cost them a fortune in vets bills and foods.

Shona Sibary with daughter Dolly and dogs Juno (black) and Albis (Puppy)
Shona Sibary with daughter Dolly and dogs Juno (black) and Albis (Puppy)

Heartwrenching Family Ties, Except Sibary

As the couple was excited greeting Juno with their new squeaky toys, Sibary’s three-year-old daughter, Dolly, sobbed Juno’s neck frustrated that her beloved pet was about to leave their home.

With a very sad look on her face, Dolly asked her mother why they can’t keep Juno. This had almost changed her mind, but when she saw the new owners drive away with Juno staring, she actually breathed in relief. Sibary already had her eyes set on another puppy, this time a miniature dachshund. She looked quite confident that this time she will not have to constantly scale up her garden wall.

Outlandish Owner Actions Shock Psychologists

What might come as a big shock for many canine lovers, Sibary fell in love with four different puppies over the past four years. With every one of those occasions, she had driven hundreds of miles and spent thousands of dollars to buy them, only to turn her back on them once she was ready for a new change.

This is pretty strange behavior and has actually driven many psychologist nuts to figure out what could have possibly triggered this bizarre behavior. But as for Sibary, she seems to be quite obsessed as she enthusiastically exclaimed how welcoming and loving she is towards a doe-eyed little puppy. She boasts to everyone she meets about how perfect a dog’s life is when they are with her, but obviously there seems to be no afterthought on what mental trauma those dogs go through once departed.

Reader – Do you think Sibary should be allowed to have such “turn-over” with her pets?


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