Boy Makes History With Dual Hand Transplant: First Thing He Wants Is A Dog!

Walking your dog is a daily activity, but it’s also a privilege. We don’t think about how fortunate we are to have two functioning hands that enable us to live a normal life and do fun things, like walk our dog(s).

Meet Zion Harvey…

At two-years-old, Zion Harvey developed a serious infection that resulted in the removal of his two hands.

On Tuesday this week, doctors at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia announced that the 8-year-old boy had become the first child in the world to receive a dual hand transplant.

The entire operation took nearly 11 hours as surgeons painstakingly reconnected Zion’s arteries, veins, muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Admirable Attitude

“He woke up smiling,” Dr. L. Scott Levin, who heads the hand transplant program, said Tuesday at a news conference at the hospital. “There hasn’t been one whimper, one tear, one complaint.”

This wise young boy was very gracious and believes that “family means trust, hope, support, and if you fall down they always catch you.”

He Can Get A Dog Now!070bc865cb0b456594ae7622c6f8693e_2WDKvu

Now that Zion has his new hands, he’s excited to be able to play with his little sister and he really wants to get a furry friend.

Showing his responsible character, he tells his mom, “You don’t have to walk it. I will take care of it.”

This touching story makes us appreciate our ability to own a dog and be able to enjoy the simple task of taking your dog for a walk.

Historic Dual Hand Transplant Gives Boy Second Chance at Life – ABC News:

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