True Dog Love: After 9 Years Boxer Reunites With Owner!

After 9 long years of being separated, this story will warm your heart!

Boozer, a boxer-mix puppy, was found missing from the backyard when Lloyd Goldston’s 15-year-old daughter came home from school eager to play with her new pup. As you can imagine, this was a shattering moment for the whole family.

As time went by they lost hope and eventually accepted that they would probably never see Boozer again. Even though their newest family member was gone for years, they never forgot about him and kept photos of Boozer.

The Goldston family lived with this loss until one day the received a very happy phone call.

Who discovered Boozer after 9 years?

1bb589ce8c0c4122a9a8d8384ed6ae76_KlVXo6The finding happened when the latest owner of the 10-year-old boxer-mix relocated to Denver, CO. Since the owner’s new place did not allow dogs, he was unable to care for his dog (Boozer) anymore. Heartbroken, he gave Boozer to the Foothill Animal Shelter on August 2, 2015.

Luckily Goldston had implanted a microchip in Boozer as a puppy. When Boozer arrived to the shelter, the scan identified their lost dog.

Their missing family member had been found!

The Lloyd family drove 18 hours to Golden to be reunited with Boozer.

Goldston said his first initial reaction was, “I cried when I found out, especially when I saw the first picture of him.” Goldston wiped away tears as he hung out with Boozer for the first time in nearly a decade.

“Whatever he’s got left and however many years he has left, it is going to be filled with love and family and fun,” said Goldston Lloyd who now lives with his two children in Alabama.

This is a prime example of how small microchips, being the size of a grain of rice implanted under the skin, are certainly beneficial in this type of situation. The shelter emphasized the importance of having a permanent identification with your pet versus a collar that could fall off.

Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen sometimes. Your pet can escape and get lost. However, if your pet has a microchip or is wearing a collar and identification tag, there is a bigger possibility that you will find your fur-baby again.

Reader – Does your dog have a identified collar or even better, a microchip? Do you have a story to tell of when you were reunited with your lost dog?