Two-Legged Puppy Now Has 3-D Printed Wheelchair

3-D Printing: Life Changing Meet Tumbles, an adorable two-legged puppy born without front legs and was rescued when he was only two weeks old. In an interview with ABC News, Tumbles’ foster mother explains that the dog weighed a mere 1.5 pounds when he was born, and had...
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Dog Obesity: America’s Flawed Perception

A Healthy Weight For A Healthy Dog  Just like we humans, 6-year-old bull terrier, Basurman, put on a few pounds as middle age began, said John Przybys, Basurman’s owner. Przybys put Basurman on a diet about a year ago, which worked out pretty good. Basurman lost 25 pounds...
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CRAZY: Wolf and Bear Are Best Friends

Finnish Photographer Baffled with the Unusual Friendship Between a Wolf and a Bear It’s not only unusual but even unimaginable to see a wolf and a bear getting along like this, says Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen. The 56-year-old photographer was left speechless as he took these surprising photographs of...
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Facebook Unites Lost New Zealand Dog With Owner

“HEY Bro, do you know me??” was the Facebook post that went viral as the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home shared on social media in efforts to reunite the dog named Baloo with his owners. Baloo was found alone in suburban Sydney. Though the dog was microchipped, there...
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How To Spot Canine Lymphoma Cancer

November 7, National Canine Lymphoma Day This is the first year for National Canine Lymphoma Day to be recognized in efforts to raise more awareness of lymphoma in dogs, one of the most common canine cancers. This awareness campaign all started when well-known and respected dog agility trainer...
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Doggy DNA: Domestication Effects

Domestication- DOG DNA copy
The Evolution of FLOPPY Domestication  Hands down, we all adore our fur-babies and enjoy going everywhere and doing everything with them. What we often forget is the evolution that started from the time mankind began domesticating dogs. Over the thousands of years, our canine companions have become what...
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